Friends & Family Test Results

April 2023

Total responses - 48

Very Good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
38 5 3 1 1 0


- The appointment was on time. The nurse I thought was very professional.

- My experience with the Nurses that I've seen was brilliant. Not so good about my experience with a phone call with the doctor last week. She could be more helpful. I just asked if she could do me a blood test as I wasn't feeling so good and unfortunately she refused. Thank you.

- Very nice friendly helpful nurse who answered all my questions

- I've had more help from this surgery in a few months than I did at my last. I'm struggling mentally and the help and support has been amazing.

- The doctor was very helpful and well informed.

- Helpful receptionist and very efficient, lovely Nurse.

- The nurses were amazing with my 3 year old. However booking the appointment was difficult because the baby clinic is limited to Wednesday afternoons only which doesn't suit everyone. This was frustrating.

- The appointment was on time and I was able to discuss the ongoing medication and monitoring of it's effect.

- Friendly helpful doctor, really good communication and follow up care.

- Bit delayed going in so reason for good rather than excellent. Only short delay, Dr was patient and lovely and answered my questions.

- Difficulty getting through every time you ring, no continuity of care . Prescription service poor only lets the service add their comments not the patients. Made more difficult to get prescriptions. Feel for the elderly who have not got access to digital equipment having to pay postage to have their prescription sent to them. Having to wait at least a month for an appointment.

May 2023

Total responses - 51

Very Good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
33 11 3 3 1 0


- The nurse made me feel very comfortable and was informative of what I need to do.

- I attended with my partner. There was very little waiting time. The doctor dealt with my visit well and arranged a follow up appointment.

- Reception are always lovely, the doctor made me feel very comfortable even though my issue is quite embarrassing.

- Doctor was very efficient, caring, professional, on time.

- I was seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time but the parking is an issue. I'm aware there's nothing the surgery can do about that though.

- Difficulty getting through on the phone to get an appointment.

- I have had a number of visits recently regarding a number of health issues. My first visit was with Dr White and the two following meetings with young doctors whose names I cannot remember all were first class dealing with me very professionally and in a compassionate way. Since signing up with the surgery, with one or two minor exceptions, the service has always been good.

June 2023

Total responses - 55

Verg good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
33 11 4 3 4 0


- Friendly and helpful reception staff and the dr listened, didn't make me feel rushed.

- The GP was very considerate and helpful with my illness.

- Dr Ahmed Asfour was helpful and I felt comfortable talking with him about my problems.

- The doctor was very helpful and understanding as I was worried about the surgery I had recently. He assured me that there was nothing untoward.

- Receptionist was being very friendly and the gp I saw was superb.

- Booking time for appointment wasn't too bad. Being seen on the day at appointment time was spot on.

- Sister Julie Van Mierlo was very professional, gave us a thorough check and the results of our blood tests and ordered our repeat prescriptions for us. Thank you.

- The practician I saw was excellent. She listened and understood my problem after having previous antibiotics, then has booked a follow up appointment and tests following current medication. Overall very kind, thorough and efficient.

- The Dr did not turn up so I was unable to have my appointment. The reception staff were very good (and apologetic, especially as I had waited for some time) but it does not change the fact that I got no service today. Another appointment has been made.

- Booking appointment is easy and quick. Staff are friendly and the senior nurse that I spoke to was really thorough and helpful. Also, I was able to collect medication to the pharmacy next door straight after my appointment. Overall I'm happy with the service.

July 2023

Total responses - 55

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
38 11 3 1 2 0


- Reception staff very helpful, doctor very patient and very thorough. Excellent and impressive care.

- The staff are really friendly and helpful and the doctors take the time to do what they can to help you, I always find I can get an appointment quite quick.

- The doctor was very nice, I didn't have to wait long for my appointment and felt at ease during my appointment.

- Good reception staff very nice and helpful, Dr was very thorough which gave me confidence in her.

- The Doctor was knowledgeable and sensitive to my condition. Made me feel at ease.

- Reception were very good and helpful, the doctor was pleasant and quite thorough.

- Good experience in general, everyone is nice and helpful. Can't give very good as there is always unexpected waiting for appointments, difficulty of getting appointments and booking system is really inconvenient.

- Good friendly service and appt time honoured.

- Nurse was excellent, easy check in and i was seen on time. However waiting room was a bit chaotic.

August 2023

Total responses - 51

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
40 6 1 3 1 0


- The dark haired receptionist at Broadway was very friendly & helpful. The doctor was very thorough with my baby today. I took him to urgent care earlier in the week but they said he just had a cold & everything was clear. As he was getting no better I came to you for a second opinion. The doctor today diagnosed a bacterial infection & gave medication to treat it. I felt that I was listened to & treated very professionally & he was a friendly helpful doctor. 

- Booking system needs to be made easier and more accessible for all. Times for booking are not convenient if you are in full time work. Overall a good service though!

- The doctor I saw was very patient and thorough and the receptionist who sorted my ensuing appointments was brilliant.

- I saw Dr Walsh for the first time. She came down to the waiting room and took me to her room.I appreciated this as because I rarely attend I am unsure where to actually go. Previously reception staff just call my name and assume I know which room.Also Dr Walsh was superb.

- Dr. Lindsay was very receptive to my concerns about my knee. He gave me reassuring advice and we agreed a game plan going forward. Suggested iron and magnesium levels should be checked. He also reassessed my risk of stroke/heart disease.

- The doctor was very informative and came across like he cared and listened to me regarding my concerns for my son.

- I always feel reassured when attending the surgery. All treatment is explained and I am given time to ask questions.

- I asked the doctor to look at something else minor while sat there, he told me to book another appointment which is ridiculous.

September 2023

Total responses - 55

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
43 7 3 0 1 1


- Speedy, on time, good advice from GP.

- Nurses and doctors know what they're doing, if I really need help they usually can offer an appointment, clean, BUT the new phone system cut me off after an hour, I got to number two and it said the line was full.

- Everything went well, the receptionist very friendly, and the doctor was very friendly.

- Asked for a doctor's consultation at 9.40, was given an appointment at 10.15 same day, a brilliant result. Thank you.

- Appointment was on time and and Sister Julie is great and answers all my questions.

- Both the nurse & doctor I saw were very approachable & thorough.

- Lovely receptionists very welcoming and lovely doctor.

- Very pleasant and efficient staff on reception when I telephoned. Lady GP listened to my concerns and advised accordingly. A positive experience all round. Many thanks.

- Nurse Courtney Kelly was bright, friendly, non judgmental and very helpful. For someone who has anxiety about going to health centres, she made the experience pleasant and I won't think twice about returning. Thank you.

- Doctor Asfour is very good with children. A lovely manner, plus the lady who booked the appointment gets a very good review as well.

- The nurse I saw was very lovely and kind and helpful and made me feel at ease.

- Takes for ever for the phone to be answered and by the time you get through there's no appointments left.

October 2023

Total responses - 49

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
30 11 1 2 5 0


- The admin person was amazing. The doctor as well. But it is so difficult to book an appointment. I have to wait twice more than 40 minutes to get there. The My GP app doesn't work. In my previous practice I used to book all my urgent and routine appointments using the app. One minute, done. You need to do something for this.

- I attended this morning for a Pneumonia Vaccine. The wait was minimal and the nurse who I saw was very professional and kind, I would give this nurse top marks for her kindness and professionalism.

- All staff, Doctors, Nurses and Reception staff are always very helpful, professional and kind. I can get an appointment when I need one and i am very pleased the service provided.

- Polite reception staff and extremely helpful as always considering how busy they are. Oliver the GP was easy to talk to and listened and provided useful advice.

- The whole patient experience was really well organised, from booking the appointment to actually attending. The text message appointment reminders are useful.

- Lovely, friendly, smiley nurse. Took great care of my Mum, thank you.

- The Nurse I seen was very helpful and kind and answered all questions I had.

- Lack of appointment and organisation within clinic. Delays with appointments. Not appropriate to keep babies waiting over and hour.

- Waited 30 minutes for my appointment. And the trainee Dr took an hour to diagnose me.

- Been given pot for sample no information as what to do were I take it? Gave a urine sample, reception didn't know what was happening with it, just stuck a post it note on it. No doubt it will go missing not filled with confidence today, sorry!

November 2023

Total responses - 49

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very poor Don't know
34 10 2 0 3 0


- Patient centred care. Friendly receptionist who managed to make me a same day face to face appointment.

- The whole experience was great. Starting with the automated new service, with a face to face appointment.The Doctor was superb.

- Got my appointment without delay. Staff at all levels first class, well done.

- Dr Oliver Wade was very thorough and courteous. He explained everything to me and answered my questions I put to him, we need more like him. Thank you.

- The doctor arranged this as a check up from a previous appt to ensure I was improving. He then took the time to listen to me and referred me to physio for another issue.

- Sister Melling is so lovely, caring and honest. Very good at her job and explained everything in plain English! The lady on reception was very helpful and pleasant. So a very good experience. Thank you.

- Julie is absolutely fantastic, very thorough and helpful.

- Always excellent service from all the staff in the surgery.

- Very poor service I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

- The nurse was really good but i wasn't told I had to log in twice (gp appointment also) so sat there for 2.5 hours and then got into GP and he couldn't deal with my issue because he was a junior. I booked this appointment 3 weeks ago.

December 2023

Total responses - 48

Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very  poor Don't know
36 8 2 0 2 0


- The Dr checked thoroughly for my little boy. I was given very good support with my fit note and sick note from the GP surgery when I had my surgery. Admin staff were very helpful too. It takes long time on the phone waiting line sometimes, I think that's the only improvement point .Thank you.

- Dr Walsh is a very kind and friendly doctor, who always listens and helps.

- The care I have recieved for my recently diagnosed condition has been excellent from both the surgery and hospital I cannot speak highly enough about the NHS.

- Very good friendly service.

- Dr. Dawn Webster took the time to read my medical records and then referred me to the right the appropriate department. Excellent service. Wonderful doctor .. I can not praise her enough. Excellent service. Lovely caring lady.

- Very professional. Asked lots of questions. Answered any of my queries with knowledge.

- Attentive doctor who listened to what I had to say and then discussed the issue with compassion. Thank you.

- Dr Phillipos was very kind, had good demeanour and explained everything clearly and explored my ideas, concerns & expectations thoroughly.

- Sat waiting for my appointment for 30 mins. I went to the desk and was told the doctor had not arrived as was stuck in traffic. I understand incidents happen but it would have been nice if somebody had announced it. I was told to ring back at 1 o'clock as there was no more morning appointments.

- Dr Webster is excellent, very caring and always takes time to explain.

- Face to face appointment very good but attempting to telephone the surgery is extremely time consuming